Pied-a-Terre Boulder Chic


Posted by Michael Hughes

Suburbanites who get a chance to experience life in another city without doing an extended hotel stay will usually buy a Pied-a-terre  or what is commonly known as a second home. Don’t you agree Pied-a-Terre does sound sexier?

People want to be more than a tourist and are drawn by locations that have a robust business, iconoclastic local lifestyles, vibe, attributes such as architecture, culture, history, art, and also shopping, world class dining, nightlife and social events.  These cities inspire people to become part of daily life if only for a day a week or a month.

People are looking for a lifestyle change and to be able to Gestalt the location. Many buyers say they feel ‘renewed’ like youngsters again but with the options. Usually cosmopolitan types who travel a lot; or like a nice family from Chile who found Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty a few months ago because they wanted a home in Boulder outside of Santiago to offer their children the “American experience.” Or the people from Milan who wanted a place to be near the downtown area of Boulder, or the family from Shanghai who wanted a getaway and a place to renew, recharge and thrive for short periods of time. We have helped them all. People want to be a “local” not just a tourist passing through.

The Pied-a-terre in Boulder Real Estate in my experience has been the downtown lofts in The Walnut or the Arête, the Newlands, Whittier and Mapleton Hill and the close in downtown or the close in Country Estate.

A pied-à-terre is usually purchased for the Boulder lifestyle. Think well chosen, think green, think resale and you have one of the best possible real estate investments that has universal appeal. Cool location, size and condition are key. A hip central location in a leading neighborhood allows owners to access a city’s attractions quickly, within walking or cycling distance and often without a long commute.

Owning something that’s easy to maintain is extremely attractive because they are not often used. Move in ready, no maintenance and sound. No one wants to spend their time supervising work crews. Buy only where there are other Pied-a-terre buyers not a gaggle of subletters. What the objective is, is prime real estate and convenience in an atmosphere you find enjoyable.

In Boulder Real Estate right now it is  “a great opportunity to buy.” Boulder is a city that is alive with business, culture, activity, green building, active people, sports, world class dining and a view to die for. Breathe deep and thrive in Boulder, Colorado.

If you have questions regarding this article or have thought about selling, renting, investing or  would like to Buy A House In Boulder check out my website. You may also call, TEXT me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO.


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