Boulder Real Estate Negotiation

Posted by Michael Hughes

Negotiation: (Ne goshee aysh n) The reaching of agreement by means of competitive, collaborative or compliant negotiation. The goal to win and control, influence and persuade. The biggest fear of Boulder real estate negotiations by buyers or sellers is that you will be taken advantage of, be rejected or criticized. In other words you will pay too much or sell for too little, give too much or get too little. The trust level in negotiations can be from zero to willing to build, to eager to trust (not recommended). Power can be abused, shared or given away (once again not recommended). The tactics can be intimidation, broken record, take it or leave it, what if and asking why. I always use a combination of competitive and collaborative. Typically gathering information for using or adopting solutions and options. Primary emotions can range from anger, optimism or fear. I come from a firmly grounded desire for my clients, never fear and always emotionally detached. The main method of influencing is self interest (of my clients), sound logic, exchanges, uniqueness, sameness and contrast. The way you create value affects how it gets divided. Focus on the right brain then bridge to the left logic bound side. When you persuade, speak of interest, not reason.

I am a Certified Negotiation Expert in the Boulder real estate market. Always bringing my clients the best of what they want. If you have any questions about negotiation, would like to comment or need help buying or selling Boulder Real Estate or if you are interested in Listing your Boulder Real Estate please, TEXT, call or email me. You can also visit me at my Website. Thanks for reading. Michael Hughes at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty-Boulder, CO


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