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When should you pay more than asking for Boulder Real Estate?

Posted by Michael Hughes

Home sales in most of the country are floundering yet in Colorado and particularly Boulder, Boulder real estate is hanging in there. Unlike Detroit or some other areas,  I won’t mention, people actually ‘want’ to live here. We see the healthy lifestyle, coffee, world class dining, convenience, outdoor sports, 300 days of sunshine and a lifestyle to love. Boulder; home to the happiest people on the planet.

Couple that with low interest rates and now you have multiple offers with prices surpassing asking price. This of course will occur when a great listing comes on the market and it’s priced at or under market (did you know you can never price a property too low-the market will bring multiple offers and push it up, often past where the price should be-the market is a force and it is never wrong-I have used this as a strategy and it does work).

Paying over the offer price for Boulder real estate can be a good idea if the property has all the bells and whistles you want and as long as it appraises unless you are offering cash without an appraisal. Make sure it will appraise and that the price can be justified by recent sales activity in the area. Your Realtor can pull all this data together to see if it makes sense.

*Fair market value is the price a willing and able buyer will pay and seller will accept with neither party under undue pressure to act.

The decision of how much to offer should be based on a sound knowledge of market data/values in the area, your personal financial situation and lifestyle goals. If you do choose to pay more than the local comparable sales indicate, recognize that you may not be able to sell for the price you paid right away.

Michael is a longtime resident of Boulder and a Realtor with Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty. If you have questions regarding this article any of the neighborhoods or have any questions about Boulder or would like information about Boulder real estate or Boulder Luxury Real Estate check out my website. You may also call or TEXT me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes is a Certified Negotiation Expert and full time Realtor at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO. 


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Awesome Lineup-Why I love Summer!

Awesome lineup in Louisville, CO

  • June 17 Little Feat

    Hello Faire family. Little Feat in little ol’ Louisville. Crazy, right? Let’s make it crazy cool. Come ready to have fun, but also come ready to be kind and mellow with your fellow music lovers.
    Peace. The Street Faire Staff.

  • June 24 The Samples

    We’re thrilled to have The Samples at The Steinbaugh for the first time! It’s going to be a rock-n-reggae party with local-boy-made-good Sean Kelly and band.

  • July 1 No Faire

    See ya next week!

  • July 8 A Very Special Evening with Chris and Hazel

    Two of Colorado’s most beloved and talented musicians, Hazel Miller and Chris Daniels, have each played the Faire a record six times—join us for lucky seven.

  • July 15 Great American Taxi

    “Americana Without Borders” is how GAT describes their no-limits sound. It’s going to be an evening of amazing musicianship and good jam band vibes at the Steinbaugh.

  • July 22 Tab Benoit

    Pure. Talent. More of that Louisiana vibe that seems to work so well at the Faire—Tab Benoit brings his take on the blues—from deep in his soul directly to Historic Downtown.

  • July 29 Firefall

    They call the Steinbaugh “home.” Join 5000 of your closest friends for a magical evening with Jock Bartley and the timeless tunes of this legendary Boulder band.

  • August 5 Hamilton Loomis

    If you’ve seen him, you know—if you haven’t—it’s time. Straight from the heart of Texas, Hamilton and band are flat out amazing—taking the Bo Diddley Beat right to your feet. Let’s dance.

  • August 12 Marcia Ball

    Straight from N’awlins and back by popular demand, Marcia and her smokin’ hot band are making their third consecutive appearance at the Faire.

The Street Faire runs 5 to 10pm. Music is 6:30 to 9ish — rain or shine.

There is excellent food, cold drinks, lots of children’s activities, quality arts, crafts, sundries
and, because of our awesome sponsors, this event is FREE!

Call, text or e-mail me today if you or anyone you know needs real estate help or have any questions about the music festival in Louisville, Niwot, Boulder Bricks, Boulder 29th St or Flatirons. e-Mail  Direct/Text 303-359-6627

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Rhythm on the Rails-Thursdays in Niwot

Niwot’s FREE Summer Concert Series
Thursday evenings, June 9 – Aug 18, 2011
Whistle Stop Park (corner of 1st and Murray)
Park opens at 5:30 pm
Live music from 6:45 to 8:45 pm.

Food vendors and kid’s activities, as well as a beer/wine/margarita garden.

Come dance with your neighbors next to the tracks.

Presented By

Produced by Boulder Creek Events in conjunction with the Niwot Cultural Arts Association and the Niwot Business Association.

The concert schedule for 2011:

6/9: Girls on Top!
6/16: Paul Soderman & BluezHouse
6/23: Soul School
6/30: Mojomama
7/7: Rebecca Folsom
7/14: Something Underground
7/21: Kutandara
7/28: Hazel Miller Band
8/4: One on One
8/11: Lionel Young Band (Opening Act: On Fire)
8/18 Face

If you have questions regarding this article or have any questions about Boulder or would like information about Boulder Luxury Real Estate check out my website. You may also call or TEXT me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO.

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Green Innovation

Shared from Elliott Lemanager & Christopher Demorro

“Sure  I’ve seen a lot of ideas and concepts come out of the green industry but I do have to say this is one of the best ideas I’ve seen to date. It’s thinking out of the box for sure but utilizing our existing network or roads for solar power could generate more clean energy.” Christopher Demorro says “The Department of Transportation awarded the $100,000 to Solar Roadways. This money is to build a 12? x 12? prototype road section, the average width of a highway lane. Solar Roadways creator Scott Brushaw proposes that his prototype will be able to capture and produce energy from the sun. This energy would then be used to light the roadways, “paint” lines, and flash warnings to motorists about upcoming hazards like an accident or daring animal, as well as providing power to America’s home and businesses.”

Imagine powering your car from the roadway and tolls for constant fuel instead of “gas stops” paid out in to a greener cleaner quieter world. Maybe there are no longer tires but the car floats much like Blade Runner or Bruce Willis’ cab in The 5th Element. It’s a new world where innovation and advanced thinking will win.

If you have questions about this article please leave a comment, text or email me. Michael Hughes-Sotheby’s International Realty-Boulder. Cell 303.359.6627

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Boulder Luxury Real Estate

The Peoples’ Republic of Boulder sees itself as unique. A sort of utopian society at the foot of the Flatirons.  A love for staying fit and blissed out with just the right amount of intelligence and 300 plus days of sunshine. Blend that with open space, packs of lycra clad Lance look-a-likes, runners and hikers burning it up on the trails and streets, and moms pushing their progeny at a pretty good clip. Over 200 miles of open space trails accessible from the city and there you have Boulder. In a nutshell; Green, hip, smart, cool and somewhat quiet. If you are looking for Boulder luxury real estate, it ranges from $650K to about $9M.

If you are coming to see family, friends or just look the town over for your next VC investment company or to house hunt for that special house in Boulder. You can stay at the elegant St. Julien or the historic Boulderado (request a south or west facing room for the best views) Both within walking distance of the pedestrian mall on Pearl Street. Here you can find boutique shopping, local coffee shops, entertaining street acts and fine world class dining.

In the summer Chautauqua (one of only 3 left in the U.S.) continues to draw well known classical musicians, pop and folk. The hiking; extraordinary, the food; outstanding and the views when Mozart wafts out on to the open air; transcendent.

Wonderful world class eateries await you after a long day of hunting for a house in Boulder.  The Kitchen locally grown  food presented in a very cool place, Salt is Bradford Heaps’ newest creation (exceptional eclectic foodery), Jax where Josea Rosenberg hangs his chefs hat and of course last but not least to the east on Pearl is Frasca from former chefs at the French Laundry. There are many more to chose from but these are just a handful of my favorites.

If you have questions about this article or questions about Boulder Luxury Real Estate you can TEXT or call me (Michael Hughes)  at 303-359-6627. I have lived in Boulder for well over 25 years and work with Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, Colorado.

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Pied-a-Terre Boulder Chic


Posted by Michael Hughes

Suburbanites who get a chance to experience life in another city without doing an extended hotel stay will usually buy a Pied-a-terre  or what is commonly known as a second home. Don’t you agree Pied-a-Terre does sound sexier?

People want to be more than a tourist and are drawn by locations that have a robust business, iconoclastic local lifestyles, vibe, attributes such as architecture, culture, history, art, and also shopping, world class dining, nightlife and social events.  These cities inspire people to become part of daily life if only for a day a week or a month.

People are looking for a lifestyle change and to be able to Gestalt the location. Many buyers say they feel ‘renewed’ like youngsters again but with the options. Usually cosmopolitan types who travel a lot; or like a nice family from Chile who found Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty a few months ago because they wanted a home in Boulder outside of Santiago to offer their children the “American experience.” Or the people from Milan who wanted a place to be near the downtown area of Boulder, or the family from Shanghai who wanted a getaway and a place to renew, recharge and thrive for short periods of time. We have helped them all. People want to be a “local” not just a tourist passing through.

The Pied-a-terre in Boulder Real Estate in my experience has been the downtown lofts in The Walnut or the Arête, the Newlands, Whittier and Mapleton Hill and the close in downtown or the close in Country Estate.

A pied-à-terre is usually purchased for the Boulder lifestyle. Think well chosen, think green, think resale and you have one of the best possible real estate investments that has universal appeal. Cool location, size and condition are key. A hip central location in a leading neighborhood allows owners to access a city’s attractions quickly, within walking or cycling distance and often without a long commute.

Owning something that’s easy to maintain is extremely attractive because they are not often used. Move in ready, no maintenance and sound. No one wants to spend their time supervising work crews. Buy only where there are other Pied-a-terre buyers not a gaggle of subletters. What the objective is, is prime real estate and convenience in an atmosphere you find enjoyable.

In Boulder Real Estate right now it is  “a great opportunity to buy.” Boulder is a city that is alive with business, culture, activity, green building, active people, sports, world class dining and a view to die for. Breathe deep and thrive in Boulder, Colorado.

If you have questions regarding this article or have thought about selling, renting, investing or  would like to Buy A House In Boulder check out my website. You may also call, TEXT me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO.

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Lifestyles and Boulder Real Estate

Finding your lifestyle the Sotheby’s International Realty Way.

A Realtor can help guide you through financing, property search, transaction and negotiation processes. Consider the market, knowledge and track record.

Sit with the Realtor, let them know how you live, what you like to do, are you a runner, cyclist, skier, climber, skater, cowboy, techno nerd. Get to know him. If it feels like a good fit your off and running.

2.       Get pre-approved for a loan.

This can be a 15 minute conversation and is considered a soft pull on your credit record thereby not affecting it. The lender will provide you with a pre-qual or pre-approval letter for a certain amount. This accompanies any offer made. This does 3 things. First this helps you the buyer understand what you can afford, secondly it makes the seller take you seriously, thirdly lenders can help you understand if you qualify for any special programs.

3.       View Boulder real estate, narrow it down and Select one property.

4.       Make an offer and negotiate with the seller

Realtor presents offer to seller

Seller can accept, reject or counter your offer

Contract is negotiated

5.       Timelines-Your Realtor will keep you on track and guide and help you through

Inspections, title, survey, appraisal, HOA, financing and any things that often come up during this period.

6.       Final walk through

7.       Closing-The Settlement

In Colorado we have what are called table closings. Typically we meet at the title company or lawyers office, the closer will go through every document signed and answer any questions and get signatures. Settlement will include paying what you owe on the HUD-1 statement, closing costs, legal fees, courier or extraneous fees.

Receive the keys and start living your fantastic life in Boulder, Colorado! Welcome to the best place in the world where friends, family and colleagues thrive.

If you have questions about this article or anything Boulder TEXT or give me a call anytime would love to talk to you. Michael Hughes  303-359-6627 Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty


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