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Now Is The Time…To Sell Your Boulder Real Estate

Now is the time to sell… Your Boulder Real Estate

Downtown Boulder Bungalow

It really came to light the other day when, after much research, I had helped a seller put a reasonable price on their Boulder  home I am marketing for them. I had implemented the entire Sotheby’s marketing plan (a multi-pronged media rich global approach to marketing, casting a very wide net). Within 3 weeks I had multiple offers. I now have a cash offer over the asking price on a property that normally would have taken several months in the dead of winter to sell. The property is now Under Contract and moving toward the closing table.

A good part of it is the Sotheby’s Marketing Plan. This marketing plan, created after years of research, matches your property, style and price point to an extensive custom tailored marketing plan to generate interest and reach buyers looking for your particular property and Lifestyle. There are several reasons you may want to consider selling your home;

  • Mortgage Interest Rates have never been lower. Lenders are also starting to loosen the reins on credit thereby striking a more balanced middle ground approach to lending. I have connections with a select group of lenders that have pulled together attractive packages for several of my buyers. Contact Michael today and let me find you the perfect property and insure you get to take advantage of today’s historically low rates.
  • Low Home Inventory in the Boulder Real Estate market. The inventory has not been this low for a very long time. That, coupled with pent up demand make for an economic scenario not seen for decades.
  • Highest Price For Your Home.Because of the Low Inventory, the Pent Up Demand and the

    Mountain Biking

    Lowest Mortgage Interest Rates in history we have the “perfect storm.” This means  a quicker sale, more money in your pocket and less work for you because you don’t have to keep the perfect home while showings drag on and on.

  • Sotheby’s International Realty Marketing Plan.  An extensive custom tailored, multi-pronged, media rich, global approach to marketing your lifestyle, home, location and price. Bringing interested buyers for your property from around the neighborhood and the globe.
  • Receive a free Market Analysis of your home.

Red Rocks Above Boulder

Michael grew up near Santa Fe and is a longtime resident of Boulder and has been with Sotheby’s International Realty since their inception in Boulder County and along the front range.  If you have questions regarding this article or would like information about Boulder real estate or Boulder Luxury Real Estate check out my website. You may also call or TEXT me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes is a (CNE) Certified Negotiation Expert and full time Realtor at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO. What’s your lifestyle? I take great pride in my in-depth knowledge of Colorado luxury home market trends, research-based pricing strategies, having a powerful network of qualified luxury home buyers, first-hand Boulder real estate insight and proven 16 year track record of selling unique Denver and Boulder luxury real estate.


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Pied-a-Terre Boulder Chic


Posted by Michael Hughes

Suburbanites who get a chance to experience life in another city without doing an extended hotel stay will usually buy a Pied-a-terre  or what is commonly known as a second home. Don’t you agree Pied-a-Terre does sound sexier?

People want to be more than a tourist and are drawn by locations that have a robust business, iconoclastic local lifestyles, vibe, attributes such as architecture, culture, history, art, and also shopping, world class dining, nightlife and social events.  These cities inspire people to become part of daily life if only for a day a week or a month.

People are looking for a lifestyle change and to be able to Gestalt the location. Many buyers say they feel ‘renewed’ like youngsters again but with the options. Usually cosmopolitan types who travel a lot; or like a nice family from Chile who found Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty a few months ago because they wanted a home in Boulder outside of Santiago to offer their children the “American experience.” Or the people from Milan who wanted a place to be near the downtown area of Boulder, or the family from Shanghai who wanted a getaway and a place to renew, recharge and thrive for short periods of time. We have helped them all. People want to be a “local” not just a tourist passing through.

The Pied-a-terre in Boulder Real Estate in my experience has been the downtown lofts in The Walnut or the Arête, the Newlands, Whittier and Mapleton Hill and the close in downtown or the close in Country Estate.

A pied-à-terre is usually purchased for the Boulder lifestyle. Think well chosen, think green, think resale and you have one of the best possible real estate investments that has universal appeal. Cool location, size and condition are key. A hip central location in a leading neighborhood allows owners to access a city’s attractions quickly, within walking or cycling distance and often without a long commute.

Owning something that’s easy to maintain is extremely attractive because they are not often used. Move in ready, no maintenance and sound. No one wants to spend their time supervising work crews. Buy only where there are other Pied-a-terre buyers not a gaggle of subletters. What the objective is, is prime real estate and convenience in an atmosphere you find enjoyable.

In Boulder Real Estate right now it is  “a great opportunity to buy.” Boulder is a city that is alive with business, culture, activity, green building, active people, sports, world class dining and a view to die for. Breathe deep and thrive in Boulder, Colorado.

If you have questions regarding this article or have thought about selling, renting, investing or  would like to Buy A House In Boulder check out my website. You may also call, TEXT me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO.

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Replete In Boulder or the “How To Sunday Brunch Guide”

Posted by Michael Hughes    August 16, 2010

Sunday Brunch in Boulder is an interesting and varied pastime. From the light brunch at Vic’s on Broadway with live Jazz to the more sophisticated Brunch at the St. Julien or the Euro Brunch at Rada. You can also head for Chautauqua but wear your “buffet pants” you know the ones with the elastic waistband. This morning we opted for Salt. The restaurant, not the condiment.

Salt is a little different. Get there early and you will be rewarded with a table and seats. Later and you will cool your heals in line for awhile. The philosophy at SALT is simple; a belief that the best food travels the shortest distance from farm to table, that menus should change with the seasons and that locally sourced ingredients, combined with European technique and innovative thinking make for a truly remarkable experience. Chef Bradford Heap and his staff have made a commitment to source local, organic and fresh ingredients whenever possible. The menu reflects this mind-set, simple, yet elegant and delicious. The wines, while sourced all over the world offer a classic profile, while introducing patrons to some new and exciting choices. A comfortable blend of neighborhood and fun.  Approachable but sophisticated. The coffee is exquisite and steaming hot. To start things out the “Bruleed” Grapefruit innovative and tasty. The Vegetable Eggs Benedict include Grilled Asparagus, Farm Fresh Organic Eggs, local Organic Chard, Dried Tomatoes and Pesto Hollandaise Sauce. Another favorite is the Fresh Raspberry & Chocolate Pancakes with Lemon Butter, Maple Bourbon Reduction and Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream. My girlfriend Jocelyn sums it up, looks at me and says with a southern drawl “I am replete” and we are. Life is good, very good.

If you have questions regarding this article or have thought about selling, renting, investing or  would like to Buy A House In Boulder check out my website. You may also call, text me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO. Featured Listings

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New York Times; No Better Time To Buy Boulder Real Estate

By Michael Hughes January 25th, 2010

Regarding real estate anywhere, the question is, should I buy now or should I wait?  Clearly the opinion of the New York Times is that buying Boulder Real Estate in Boulder, Colorado guarantees controlled growth, no houses stealing up the nearby foothills.  No mega-towers and the town is surrounded by the magnanimous open space.  Also that a substantial fraction of the city’s budget goes toward purchasing more open space guaranteeing that this will be here for our children and their children’s, children’s, children.  Hiking, biking, running, walking, skating, climbing, skiing, fresh air are all at our beckoned call.

There is a premium put on the natural environment.  Many folks in town are maverick second home/condominium dwellers.   Pearl Street, a 4 block outdoor pedestrian mall is a hub for social interaction,   What’s the draw to Boulder? Lower taxes than most large cities in the east, clean air, clear water, safe streets  (with the exception of those who continue to text while driving), dining and late night cappuccinos  (bargain priced to haute cuisine), brilliant public and private schools, blue sky, CU-Boulder, friendly neighbors, 300 sunny days a year, a farmers market to die for and views, views, views. I have to agree.  I have been here since the early 80’s it just gets better and better and better.

On the high end penthouse condos can go for $2M + but the taxes are say around $13,000 and on the low end $399,000 with taxes around $2,100 per year.  If you wish to pursue a property in Boulder give me a call today Michael. To read the entire story go to New York Times

If you have questions or comments please email me at Michael or you can visit my website at

Boulder Property or visit Michael’s Boulder Blog Please leave a comment below regarding this article.


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