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Jobs Equal Healthy Boulder Real Estate

Boulder County is the most educated county in United States. There’s a high percentage of highly intelligent residents, which is its greatest asset for attracting and retaining strong employers and employees. Boulder real estate is healthy, a sure sign of good times coming. It’s all about jobs. Strong jobs equal strong Boulder real estate.

Numerous high tech businesses in the Boulder Valley Corridor are starting to hire. When I asked a local head hunter if there were going to be a lot of out of town people coming in she said “there seems to be a robust amount of talent available in the area right now.” Of course as time goes by the tech area will need more and more talent to feed the demand.

Many high schools in Boulder County offer special programs such as Skyline High School in Longmont that offers the Scientific Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program, a magnet component that prepares students to excel in science and math related fields. Also with the onset of the International Baccalaureate Program in numerous schools in the Boulder Valley; Boulder schools could help “grow” their own work force and provide opportunities for our children’s future by implementing similar programs in all schools.

Boulder offers a quality of life that attracts and keeps people here. It’s a life that can’t be beat. We love our Boulder real estate and we often come up on lists for a very high quality of life. A lifestyle robust in fitness, with running trails right out our office door,  world class organic food, home grown brews, entertainment, high intelligence, happy people, entrepreneur heaven, skiing and snowshoeing nearby, dog friendly areas and many opportunities to enhance our lifestyle.

Michael grew up near Santa Fe and is a longtime resident of Boulder and has been with Sotheby’s International Realty since their inception in Boulder County and along the front range.  If you have questions regarding this article or would like information about Boulder real estate or Boulder Luxury Real Estate check out my website. You may also call or TEXT me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes is a (CNE) Certified Negotiation Expert and full time Realtor at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO. What’s your lifestyle? I take great pride in my in-depth knowledge of Colorado luxury home market trends, research-based pricing strategies, having a powerful network of qualified luxury home buyers, first-hand Boulder real estate insight and proven 16 year track record of selling unique Denver and Boulder luxury real estate.


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Green Innovation

Shared from Elliott Lemanager & Christopher Demorro

“Sure  I’ve seen a lot of ideas and concepts come out of the green industry but I do have to say this is one of the best ideas I’ve seen to date. It’s thinking out of the box for sure but utilizing our existing network or roads for solar power could generate more clean energy.” Christopher Demorro says “The Department of Transportation awarded the $100,000 to Solar Roadways. This money is to build a 12? x 12? prototype road section, the average width of a highway lane. Solar Roadways creator Scott Brushaw proposes that his prototype will be able to capture and produce energy from the sun. This energy would then be used to light the roadways, “paint” lines, and flash warnings to motorists about upcoming hazards like an accident or daring animal, as well as providing power to America’s home and businesses.”

Imagine powering your car from the roadway and tolls for constant fuel instead of “gas stops” paid out in to a greener cleaner quieter world. Maybe there are no longer tires but the car floats much like Blade Runner or Bruce Willis’ cab in The 5th Element. It’s a new world where innovation and advanced thinking will win.


If you have questions about this article please leave a comment, text or email me. Michael Hughes-Sotheby’s International Realty-Boulder. Cell 303.359.6627  michael.hughes@sothebysrealty.com

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Energy Efficiency

Posted by Michael Hughes  July 15, 2010

Definition: This little label packs a big punch — think of the Energy Star brand as proof that an appliance isn’t just green for the sake of green consumerism; it’s tried and truly energy efficient. How efficient? In 2008, Energy Star products helped Americans save $17 billion on their utility bills and offset the greenhouse gas emissions of 30 million cars.
But not just every appliance can get the label — only those that get their job done while saving a significant, measurable and tested amount of energy. They also need to be affordable, an idea aided by the federal tax credits available for Energy Star products.

But products aren’t the only thing that can earn the label — since 1995, over one million Energy Star homes have been built, and they’re 20-30% more energy efficient than standard homes. But you don’t have to buy a whole new house to live in an Energy Star home, instead you can renovate your own place to meet the standards: Effective insulation, high-performance windows, tight construction and ducts, efficient heating and cooling equipment, efficient products and the biggie: Third-Party Verification. So even if you go through the first five steps, you don’t have an Energy Star home until it’s inspected and tested.

If you have questions regarding this article or are thinking you will Buy A House In Boulder please call or text me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO. Featured Listings

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You May Be an Environmentalist if You…Testing 1,2,3

Posted by Michael Hughes February 7, 2010

You may be an environmentalist if you…A Test


Give yourself 1 point for each of the following where you can agree with the statement made.

1. You use cloth wipes instead of toilet paper and dream of getting a composting toilet

2. You line dry your clothes even though you own a brand new dryer

3. When your family visits your house they claim that you can hang meat in there it’s so cold

4. You spend your free time fantasizing about getting solar panels and LEEDS models

5. You’d rather live in a small cabin off the grid with no plumbing than in a mega-mansion on the beach

6. You know all about raising chickens and may have some in your backyard

7. You have a huge stash of gardening porn that you hide from your significant other

8. You think that sweating over a hot canner for hours on end is super fun!

9. You follow everyone around the house, turning off lights

10. Greenpa’s suggestions sound totally reasonable

If your total is:

0 – 3: What are you doing reading this post? You better start from the beginning.
4 – 6: Not a bad start. Review the Low Impact Week suggestions to increase your score.
7 – 8: You are a nut job in training! Move to Nederland for more training at the recycling event of the year “Frozen Dead Guy Day”
9 – 10: Congratulations! You are a hard-core environmentalist! And may continue to live in Boulder, Colorado

Great green blog you might want to read Elliott Lemenager

If you have questions regarding this blog or Boulder Real Estate please call me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO

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Recycling your Christmas Tree

Recycling your Christmas Tree

By Michael Hughes December 26, 2009

Be sure and recycle your Christmas Tree. It’s good for Boulder, good for gardens and it makes you feel good. To find out how to recycle your Christmas tree in Boulder County simply go to:


Questions relocating to Boulder, Call or write today.
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Holiday tips to go Green

Posted December 23, 2009

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Most mass-produced wrapping paper you find in stores is not recyclable and ends up in landfills. Instead, here’s a great chance to get creative! Wrap presents with old maps, the comics section ofa newspaper, or children’s artwork. Or use a scarf, attractive dish towel, bandana, or some other useful cloth item. If every family wrapped just three gifts this way, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields.

Buy Energy-Saving Holiday Lights

Now you can decorate your house with LED lights that use 90 percent less energy than conventional holiday lights, and can save your family up to $50 on your energy bills during the holiday season! LED lights are available at many major retailers, including Target, CostCo, and Ace Hardware.

Add Organic and Local Foods to Your Holiday Feast

Support local family farmers who grow sustainable meat and produce. Not only does it taste better, you’ll be doing your part for the planet too. Looking for an organic turkey or ham for Christmas dinner? Find out where to get local green products in your neighborhood.

Stocking Stuffers: Test Your Eco-Knowledge

Do you have a family member who loves the outdoors? Stuff their stockings with Sierra Club Knowledge Cards, which come in a variety of outdoor themes ranging from survival skills to baby animals. Another great stocking stuffer is “guilt-free” chocolate! Give the gift of organic, fair-trade chocolate and you can eat your way to a better planet.

Give a Gift the Gives Back!

Help support the critical work of the Sierra Club and give an eco-friendly gift at the same time! Sponsor a Wild Place this holiday season and share our country’s most special wild places and national parks with friends and loved ones. Sponsorships start at $20 and come with a range of special gifts, like a photo, plush animal, certificate of sponsorship, or a backpack. For last minute shoppers – or the most eco-conscious person on your list – download a virtual version and print or email your gift right from home

Get a Pesticide-Free Tree

Demand is on the rise for Christmas trees that are not covered in chemicals; some growers use 40 different pesticides, as well as chemical colorants. The good news is that there are now a number of tree-farms that sell pesticide-free trees, so ask your local Christmas tree seller, or search for an organic tree farm near you.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Ninety-eight percent of Christmas trees were grown on farms, not in forests, so at least it’s not as if you’re cutting down an ancient tree. Each year, 10 million Christmas trees end up in the landfill. While your tree won’t fit in the recycling bin with your newspapers and bottles, you can recycle your tree: many cities offer programs to turn your tree to mulch or wood chips. Call (800) CLEANUP or visit www.earth911.org to find the tree-recycling program near you.

Donate Your Time or Money to an Environmental Group

Get into the holiday spirit by volunteering! There are countless ways to help improve your community – and the planet – from cleaning up a local river to helping inner city kids experience the outdoors for the first time. Contact your local Sierra Club to find out about volunteer opportunities near you. A donation in honor of a loved one can also be a special holiday gift.

Do a “Cool Home” Tour with Our Energy-Saving Checklist

Take a pledge this New Years’ to reduce your home energy use by buying energy-efficient light bulbs. Installing only 6 compact fluorescent light bulbs will save the average American family $60 per year. You can also use our handy “Cool Homes” checklist to see what easy things you can do in your home to save energy. If there’s a fire in your fireplace this Christmas, turn down that thermostat! Lowering the temperature even five degrees can take 10% off your energy bill. Check out a complete list of energy-saving tips.

Recycle Your Old Cellphone

Getting a new cell phone for Christmas? Not sure what to do with the old one? Now, you can drop off that old phone at any Staples store, as part of the Sierra Club cell phone recycling program. Each year, 130 million cell phones are thrown out, weighing approximately 65,000 tons. Recycling your old phone prevents hazardous elements like mercury, cadmium and lead from ending up in our landfills. Find out more.

Last but not Least! Get Ready for Dinner-Table Debate

Are you likely to be the lone environmentalist at the dinner table sometime soon? Win arguments and influence people with our famous holiday survival guide. You’ll find ready responses to the predictable dinner table arguments that’ll be directed at you. Who knows, you might even make a few converts!

Questions? Need help with Real Estate?  We can help you.  Call or write today.     e-Mail michael.hughes@sothebysrealty.com Direct 303-359-6627 Visit us at our Website: www.bolderrealestate.com

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Three Fronts-Working Toward Being Green

Working toward being Green

By Michael Hughes    December 22, 2009

The First Push: Conservation

Starting in the 19th century, environmentalists in Boulder worked to identify, protect and extend protection to our greenspace that they felt needed to be protected for future generations.  They worked alone in groups to establish the parks, refuges and preserves we treasure today. They rallied against a carnival like plan to put an amusement park at the top of Flagstaff Mountain with a Cog Railway to the top.  Over time the vision has expanded from saving single sites and separating residential from industrial or what would now be commercial, to protecting entire ecosystems, wetlands and animal environments.

The Second Push: Environmental Action

The citizens of Boulder for the most part have always seen the action and activism component of pushing ahead on environmental fronts. Their and the general populations’ work has produced regulatory authorities such as the EPA.

The Third Push: Restore. Recycle. Reuse

We are starting to realize that we need to repair and mitigate the environment.  From plastic bottles that have ended up in a swirling vortex in the ocean to the garbage barges taken out to sea and dumped off of New Jersey.  This needs to stop and we need to rethink the solutions to clean water and neighborhoods because eventually it will catch up to us.  We need sustainable systems and communities for the future. We need zero waste.  Is anyone going to talk about the elephant in the room?  You know Global Warming.  Did you know in 2008 46 ski areas, that have never closed in the past, never opened because they lacked the snow and cold enough temperatures to do so?  Did you know that the glaciers in Greenland are on there way out.  Glaciologist Jason Box said “We’re in the midst of a climate castatrophe and glaciers are the epicenter of that problem.”  Dr. Box from Ohio State University, thinks the way to combat melting glaciers is to cover them with blankets that will reflect the sun’s rays.” As the glaciers melt the oceans will rise as is being seen in some islands out in the pacific.

Boulder has been able to reduce it’s landfill refuse to 50% in 2009.  That is an accolade worth noting.  The better it gets, the better it gets.   We need to ask ourselves what can we do today to lower our carbon foot print even further?

Questions? Need help with Real Estate?  I can help you.  Call or write today.
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