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Short Sale Better Than Foreclosure

Foreclosure vs. Short Sale
By Michael Hughes
Do you avoid pain whenever possible? Better the “S” word (ShortSale) than the “F” word (Foreclosure). Many folks are going in to foreclosure not even considering the less painful and less impacting financial option of a short sale. In desperation, many people try selling their home themselves to save on realtor’s commissions, pricing it just above market and what they owe, only to end up in foreclosure. It is a difficult choice but when given the facts the choice becomes much less painful and simple.
Homeowners can avoid foreclosure if they act quickly. I have helped many home owners avoid foreclosure by negotiating a short sale for them. Some people just don’t understand the long term effects of foreclosures, or are afraid of considering a short sale because they think it will cost them more money. That is simply not true. Here are the facts that show the benefits of a short sale compared to a foreclosure:
Short sales generally do not influence credit scores, late payments or default in payments can put downward pressure on credit by 50 to 150 points. A short sale is not a critical mark on your credit report, most credit bureaus mark it as a paid note. If there have been no late payments, some buyers can buy again immediately. If there have been late payments, two years is required to apply for a Fannie-Mae backed mortgage, or 3 years for an FHA loan. Short sales help the economy because the banks have less debt, the homes are kept by individual owners who take care of them, and the bank will pay the realtor’s commission who helped sell the home.
Foreclosures generally drop the FICO and other credit scores from 200 to 400 points. Foreclosure will remain a derogatory mark on credit reports for 7 to 10 years. Most cases must wait at least 7 years before buying again, if the home was a primary residence it may be shortened to 5 years. Foreclosed homes can ruin a neighborhood, causing even further deterioration in the market values surrounding the home. Some people strip the home of valuables and leave the home abandoned.

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