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Future Jobs Near Boulder-ConocoPhillips

Future Jobs Near Boulder-ConocoPhillips

Written by Michael Hughes            December  12,  2009

ConocoPhillips has said that their 20-year plan calls for the employment of more than 7,000 people a workforce that will include current employees and new hires at the site. The center will be looking at the next generation of transportation fuels and they will research, algae, wind power, photo voltaic, clean diesel, biomass and hydrogen fuel cells. There will eventually be a learning center to train employees from more than 40 countries. CP also signed a $5 million, multiyear, sponsored research agreement with a Colorado biofuels center including University of Colorado-Boulder to find new ways to convert biomass into low-carbon transportation fuels.  Among the first projects in the renewable energy portfolio will be the research and utilization of converting algae into renewable fuel. This is the separation and purification of lipids that are taken from algae, and can then be sent to oil refineries to be processed into gasoline. Algae have a rapid growth rate, but it doesn’t take food away from people or livestock – which is currently what is being done when farmers sell their corn crops to produce ethanol. The algae could even be grown in hostile environments such as deserts where nothing else will grow.

ConocoPhillips on November 12, 2009 submitted construction plans for its 450 acre campus in Louisville, a bedroom community of Boulder.  ConocPhillips plans to build 1.6 million square feet of office, research, support services, food outlets, childcare and hotel space. Some of the buildings will reach 95 feet or around 5 stories.  215 acres will be slated for open space. The initial phase of the construction is scheduled to be ready by 2013.

The attraction to being near Boulder is so clear.  It is an exclusive collection of lifestyles, fitness, climate, location, geography, the university, schools, the town’s character, the education level, and its rich and varied population.  Boulder is the best place in the world to thrive.

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The Top Ten Reasons Your House is Not Selling (Reasons 10,9 and 8)

The Top Ten Reasons Your House is Not Selling (Reasons 10,9 and 8)

By Michael Hughes        November 19, 2009

10. Reason number ten your home is not selling, is your home does not show well. The paint may be lagging with age or that bright green called ‘Margarita’ that you thought looked so great 12 years ago, is no longer so great. The carpets need cleaning, the yard needs raking, the shrubs trimmed and well, it just needs to be the best house in its’ price bandwidth. It needs to be really spic and span sparkly clean inside and out.

9. Reason number nine your home is not selling, is your home smells “odd.” There is an
eau d’ wet dog or the cats’ litter box is full. Much as we love our pets a telltale pet odor is a real turnoff to many potential buyers. Let’s face it, odd pervasive odors of any kind, can turn potential buyers away. The house can be beautiful and well priced, but believe me people will turn on a dime and walk away if it smells “off.”

8. Reason number eight your home is not selling is the location. If your home’s location is less than desirable, your options are somewhat limited. A great real estate agent will do their best to help you accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative of your circumstances, say by using foliage to screen off offensive adjoining properties or dampen traffic noise. For instance it is a beautiful home out in the suburbs, it is well priced, but the minute you step outside you are noticing numerous insects and they’re biting! The solution to this is easy.

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