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Fire in Boulder, Relaxed Rules for Rebuilding

Posted by Michael Hughes

Land use codes for Fourmile Fire victims who want to rebuild their homes have been relaxed by the Boulder County Commissioners. Deja Vu yesterday when another fire threatened Boulder real estate in the nearby foothills.

People whose houses burned in the blaze have up to two years to apply for permits to rebuild essentially in the same location, the same house they lost without going through the county’s painstaking site plan review process. As a person who as done an addition and built in house in Boulder I speak from experience.

The fresh rules will also allow victims to add up to 530 square feet, typically the size of a two-car garage. That’s somewhat of a random number however any additional amount that can be added is beneficial to the fire victims. They can also make minor changes to the house design and site location, using an accelerated review process that’s more meticulous than just applying for a building permit but easier than going though the entire review.

The Fourmile Fire burned more than 6,000 acres, demolishing 169 homes in its wake in the mountains west of Boulder.

The commissioners said they were sympathetic to the call to waive fees but apparently they aren’t into doing it across the board. They know they should just do it instead of wasting time in more meetings to resolve minutae. They need to be sensitive to cases of hardship and  a fire is all hardship. Of course we don’t want the taxpayers of Boulder County footing the bill for the items that otherwise might be paid for by insurance companies. These people have been devastated they don’t need to be more devastated by an numb group of county commissioners. Let them rebuild there Boulder real estate and move on. To read the full article.

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