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Selling Your Home 101-The Cliff Notes

Selling a home need not be difficult. Each deal is unique and requires many different skill sets.  No two deals are alike because of seller circumstances, market conditions, house condition, pricing.

Find a good realtor that you like, you trust and you are in “flow” with.  In other words someone with whom you can discuss your options and they will tell you the truth and keep their commitments. By this time you have already received a pre-listing packet and have all your questions ready.

More than likely your Realtor will show you:

  • Your odds of selling as a percentage
  • The best time of year to sell (adjusted for seasonality +outside forces)
  • Property exposure and how that will be achieved
  • A clear concise written Global Marketing Plan with options
  • The absorption rate for your neighborhood
  • A velocity chart showing supply and demand in price bandwidths
  • A relevant easy to read market analysis
  • Communication preferences and frequency
  • Showing instructions options

Some very relevant questions would be;

  • Your question list?
  • Why are you selling?
  • Where are you going?
  • How soon do you need to be there?
  • What is the condition of your house?
  • Are you willing to list your home at a fair market value?
  • What would happen if the house didn’t sell?
  • If the Realtor found a buyer for the house in 72 hours would you be okay with that?
  • Deciding on Pricing 30 day price, 60 day price, 90 day price…
  • De-cluttering and preparation for showings
  • Realtor walk through prior to launch

The listing agreement is signed.  Ask any questions that may have come up.  Okay now your house is a product competing against all the other houses in the demographics for the lifestyle.  It has to be the best or at least in the top 3-4. All things in control (ie condition, pricing, etc) need to be in alignment.

Showings begin and there is a flurry of showings the first few weeks.  Feed back is gleaned from every Realtor’s buyer that has set a showing whether it was shown or not. Adjustments are made in response to the feedback.  Realtors representing buyers will be attempting to find out what your motivation for selling is to give them a leg up on the offer.  It is important that you not be present during showings but if you find yourself present during showings you can always refer questions like “it’s such a lovely home why would you want to sell this?” A great answer is “so your buyer can buy it.”

  • An offer is made accompanied by a pre-qualification letter from a lender or a financier with proof of cash and an earnest money check.
  • The Realtor combs through the offer and brings his expertise and clarifies the offer or offers if there is more than one, making sure the contingency dates and all additional provisions are in alignment.
  • Which offer is best and why; going over every detail of the offers with the seller.
  • Negotiating at this point.
  • Offer or counter-offer is accepted
  • Some very important pieces coming up will be: Inspection, appraisal and loan conditions met and title documentation.
  • Inspection is done soon after the offer is accepted.  Either issues are agreed upon and are resolved or the buyer may terminate the contract at this time.
  • Appraisal is next.  If the house appraises under the value of the purchase price, the buyer’s agent may renegotiate with the seller, put additional money down to keep the loan to value ratios in line or terminate the contract.
  • Loan conditions are met.
  • Title documentation is received and all exceptions if any have been noted and mitigated.
  • The buyer’s Realtor will arrange to do a final walk through to see that all inspection items were addressed and all inclusions exclusions are in place.
  • Closing typically takes place at a title company.  Basically you bring keys, garage remotes, etc.
  • The title closer will guide the parties through the various documents that are signed.  After signing keys and remotes are exchanged and you have Sold! your home.

If you have any questions about buying or selling real estate in Boulder please feel free to call Michael. You can also visit my website.  Please feel free to leave a comment.


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Why You Should Buy Boulder Real Estate

Posted by Michael Hughes

Mortgage Rates Lower than ever now and in the upcoming year. Mortgage rates did not creep up as expected regarding its participation in mortgage backed securities according to PMI Group. In fact mortgage rates went the other direction. Dropping to the lowest rates in recorded history and possibly going lower. The Boulder real estate market has been robust after the steep drop in new home sales in 2009 has turned around in 2010, and housing prices are predicted to rebound from a further slide as the new year gets underway. Lowest rates, low prices on Boulder Real Estate. Buy now, buy now, buy now.  John Paulsen the real estate genius in timing says to buy a house now. If you already have one buy another one. Great time to buy and many areas are expecting 40-100% appreciation in prices over the next 10 years. I know 2011 is going to get better. Sales are already starting to pickup even without the homebuyer tax credit in place. Pent up demand and fewer listings on the market is making for a vibrant buyer cycle right now in Boulder real estate. All neighborhoods are seeing the influx of new buyers, Newlands, Mapleton Hill, Floral Park, Rose Hill, University Hill, Chautauqua and even SoBo South Boulder and NoBo North Boulder seem invigorated by sales of homes.

If you have a question, would like a relocation package or need help selling your home I can help. Give me a TEXT or call me Michael Hughes at  303-359-6627 or visit me at www.bolderrealestate.com or Tweet me

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Relocating to Boulder

By Michael Hughes    January 19, 2010

Boulder, a unique city located on the footsteps of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder County. Boulder is a short drive from Denver. With a population of nearly 112,000 residents (city and outlying areas). Boulder has beautiful scenery, and is one of the best relocation cities in the U.S. Cultural, business, educational and employment needs are all in this vibrant city. The economy is solid, and will only get better in the up coming years. For its’ size it has the 8th lowest unemployment rate in the U.S. The average household income for its families is about $85,000. While the average house value is estimated at $366,000. These numbers combined means owning a house in Boulder is a sound investment.

In addition to many small, entrepreneurial businesses, major employers include companies and  research laboratories such as the soon to be ConocoPhillips, IBM, Ball Aerospace, the National Institute for Standards and Technology and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Adding to Boulder’s progressive spirit is the University of Colorado, the academic and cultural anchor of the community.

Boulder Valley residents experience four unique seasons with over 300+ days of sun. The city’s panoramic views, open space & greenbelt system serves as a buffer to preserve its picturesque setting.

Boulder boasts some of the best restaurants in the area. This robust community has more than 100 restaurants catering to all palates; Haute Cuisine, Italian, Mexican, Tex-Mex, American, and Continental foods along with many deli’s and cafe’s are some of the choices.

Boulder has always been one of the best places in the entire country to raise a family. With a low crime rate, the streets of Boulder are safe and secure. The public education system is extremely solid. The Boulder Valley Re 2 is a great school district.

Due to the cities’ historic, classic and  eclectic architecture a warm and friendly feeling is projected. Newly constructed projects and housing starts have continued Boulders relocation allure. Boulder is truly an ideal relocation option.

If you have questions or would like a relocation package or need help relocating to Boulder you can call me directly at 303-359-6627 or visit me at www.bolderrealestate.com or visit my blog at michael0602.wordpress.com

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SmartGrid Arrives in Boulder

Posted by Michael Hughes  January 10, 2010

The SmartGrid is up and running! The system that can monitor how we use energy in our homes and helps us understand how to curb our usage as much as 10%.

The Daily Camera said “Xcel has provided the communications infrastructure needed to monitor about 46,000 homes and businesses in Boulder with smart technology, as part of a $100 million investment in making the city the first integrated “SmartGrid.” About 24,000 smart meters, which communicate real-time information to Xcel about power consumption, have been installed on Boulder homes in the last year.

To visit the site for monitoring, go to www.excelenergy.com .  The SmartGrid project will help in meeting Boulder’s Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

In the works: In the near future we will be able to turn devices on and off from remote locations.

Really this is about constant and never ending improvement.  Making our power monitoring easier as we head into a new decade where the electricity will power our cars, our homes, our lives.  We really need something like this for a more valuable resource; Water.   Thriving in Boulder was never easier.

To read the entire story in the Daily Camera go to http://www.dailycamera.com/news/ci_14144777

If you have a question about this or real estate in the Boulder area visit my website www.bolderrealestate.com or call me 303-359-6627 or e-mail me at www.michael.hughes@sothebysrealty.com

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Mapleton Hill in Boulder-The Crown Jewel

Posted By Michael Hughes

The people of Boulder recognize the Mapleton Hill Historic District as an important part of their heritage. Mapleton Hill, a few blocks northwest of downtown, is one of Boulder’s prettiest areas, with large, gracious homes on a very wide Silver Maple and Cottonwood tree-lined avenue. The neighborhood was established in the 1800’s and feature an architectural mix of east coast architecture influenced by western style. Basically the  neighborhood is west of Broadway, east of 9th, north of Pearl Street, and south of High Street. The area includes Mapleton St, 4th St., Concord, Spruce, Mt. View Rd, Pine and Broadway to name a few. Most of the  homes were built between 1865 and 1910.  It’s clear where this Boulder real estate received its’ name with the mature Silver Maple trees lining the long street heading up toward the Mount Sanitas and Knollwood areas.  Mapleton Avenue, running along the backbone of the hill is a tree-canopied boulevard providing the focus for the area. “Rugged individualism” seems to be the theme in this neighborhood with a slight reflection of western tradition.

The upside to well preserved historic properties are the state and Colorado Historical Society tax credits and grants as well as the special consideration offered owners of historic properties for Boulder real estate in this area.

The views range from city, Rockwellish fall scenes and Flatirons absolutely incredible.  From the Flatirons to the foothills and the changing seasons with the Silver Oak trees it is a comfortable cozy eclectic neighborhood.

It’s a quick 2 block walk to Pearl St. where a world of shopping, world class restaurants and ambience await you. Hiking is only a few blocks away on the Mount Sanitas Trail (dogs ok).  You can cross country ski in North Boulder Park.  Chautauqua is only about a mile away for hiking (dogs ok), climbing, running, biking.

Boulder, a fantastic place to thrive.

If you have a question or need help with real estate in the area please give me Michael Hughes a call 303-359-6627 or e-mail me at michael.hughes@sothebysrealty.com or visit my website at www.bolderrealestate.com

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Having fun around Boulder-Fitness

Posted By Michael Hughes

Here’s to fitness and momentum 2010!

Snowshoeing near Boulder; Local Trails

Crosscountry Skiing near Boulder; One of the best quick crosscountry trails is North Park near 9th and Balsam. A great track fun and quick if you have limited time. If you would like to go in to the mountains nearby check out

Ice Skating near Boulder; Numerous locations in Boulder County. Check it out at Ice Skating

Sledding near Boulder; About six locations around Boulder. Check it out at Sledding

Running near Boulder; Probably the best place to run during the winter months is up the south facing slope road of Mount Sanitas or the Boulder Creek Path which is sometimes cleared sooner than the roads we drive.

Riding bicycles indoors in Boulder. Want to see how exciting this velodrome is to ride? Check out the Helmet cam at: Indoor Cycling

Rock Climbing in Boulder. Check out the Boulder Rock Club or what is known as the BRC at

Drop in Fitness at 24 Hour Fitness in Boulder. Get a free 7 day pass by going to 24 Hour Fitness

Relocating to Boulder? Questions about the area or neighborhoods? I can help you, give me a call or text me at 303-359-6627 or you can also reach me Here

Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty Michael Hughes


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