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Boulder Real Estate-Listing Agent

When choosing a listing agent you should choose the one that best meshes with your personality. Someone you like and trust.

  1. How much? Ask potential agents how much they think they can sell your home for. If two agents say $700,000 and the third says $800,000, think hard. It’s likely the high bid is an exaggeration to attract your business. Also it may be someone new to the business. In the trade it’s known as buying a listing. In the end, you’ll be the one who pays because the high price will have you chasing the market not leading it. Also a great question. What is the Absorption Rate for my neighborhood. In other words how many months of inventory is on the market in my price range and how long will it take to be absorbed if it is priced properly. This will help you understand where the market is headed.
  2. How will you market it? I have numerous ways in which to get the property into the collective consciousness of buyers wanting to buy in your neighborhood. I will also talk about what kinds of people are the most likely buyers and how I will reach out to those specific people. I will show you my marketing plan tailored to your property.
  3. How has your business changed in the last five years? Can you say wired to the teeth. Smart phones, e-blasts, twitter, linked in, numerous syndicated websites. Exposure, exposure, exposure! At Sotheby’s International Realty-Boulder this has brought in numerous international buyers.
  4. Tell me how your last two deals surprised you? I have great success stories and would love to tell you more about these.
  5. How many people are you selling homes for right now and what are you doing for them? It may not be a bad thing that a high-powered agent is juggling 15 homes, but don’t expect him/her to give you personal service, although their assistant should be attentive, you may end up dealing with someone new each time. On the other hand, be wary of an agent with no other customers because they may lack experience and contacts.
  6. What do you expect of me? A good agent will have expectations. They may want you to leave and take the dog when the house is shown, paint the garage, use their stager, move some furniture around and scrub the tile in the bathroom. It shows that they can think like a buyer and that’s a good thing.
  7. What advice would you have for me if I get an offer from a buyer who wants to use an FHA loan? It wasn’t very long ago when the right answer might be run the other way, but these days government-guaranteed financing from the Federal Housing Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs and state and locally managed loan assistance programs can be key to selling a property. Real estate agents shouldn’t be pushing buyers toward their favorite lenders, but they should be able to help them and you wade through complex financing issues.
  8. What’s your fee?  My price of doing business.
  9. Can I talk to one of your previous clients? I have a list of previous clients upon request.

Michael grew up around Santa Fe and is a longtime resident of Boulder and has been with Sotheby’s International Realty since their inception in Boulder County and along the front range.  If you have questions regarding this article or would like information about Boulder real estate or Boulder Luxury Real Estate check out my website. You may also call or TEXT me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes is a Certified Negotiation Expert and full time Realtor at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO.


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Is your House a Money Pit Nightmare!

By Michael Hughes    October 3, 2010

Are you having nightmares of your offer being accepted and waking up in a cold sweat because you see your bank account being depleted by this house you also affectionately know as “the money pit?” Your offer, if you’re going to buy house in Boulder will need to  include a Home Warranty Policy, paid for by the seller. This is also available for Bank Owned Properties. A home warranty is designed to cover the kinds of mechanical, plumbing and major appliance repairs that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t: clogged pipes, air conditioner or furnace failures, and appliances that go on the blink.   A Home Warranty plan offers peace of mind to home owners who are looking to avoid repair or replacement costs on a variety of household systems and appliances. Know your investment is safe and you will sleep like a baby at night instead of worrying if your purchase is a money pit.

In addition, because repairs and appliance or mechanical replacements can sometimes run into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars, your savings can be considerable when something goes wrong.  For the price of a service call, the policy will usually cover the entire cost of repairing or replacing the broken item and the seller pays for this coverage, of course not the nominal fee for the service call.  And you have the option each year to renew the policy and retain your peace of mind.

Just be aware, the basic policy covers the basic systems.  Work with your Realtor to make sure you have the proper coverage.  There is basic coverage and above and beyond that is coverage for you roof, pool, spa, built in refrigerator (like Sub-Zero) outdoor kitchen and  BBQ, washer, dryer, usually require an addition to the policy to be included in the coverage.  Check with the provider to understand your Options, Coverage and Prices.

If you have questions about this article or anything Boulder give me a call anytime. Michael Hughes-Fuller Sothebys International Realty=303-359-6627 or you can visit my website at www.BolderRealEstate.com

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Pushy Real Estate Agents

Michael Hughes  October 3, 2010

When you are thinking you are going to buy homes in Boulder you may want to ask yourself. The day of the pushy real estate agent. Is it over? It seemed as if the plaid coat wearing cousin to the used car salesman had become extinct. But there are still a few of them around. Good ole’ boys. Sometimes called bullies and working by intimidation rather than by enlightening their clients to help them discover and focus in on your true source of home buying happiness/price/completion. Narcissists working only for themselves rather than for their clients. Here’s an example of one:

Maybe this is the reason there were so many foreclosures early on and the shadow inventory while waning still languishes in the marketplace. Work with someone you feel competent can get the job done or simply check out the Boulder MLS.

I can help you. If you have questions about this article or houses in Boulder or Boulder Real Estate give me a call anytime. Michael Hughes-Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty 303-359-6627 or you can visit my website at www.BolderRealEstate.com

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