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Divorce and Selling Your Home

Posted by Michael Hughes – Sothebys International Realty-Boulder

Once in awhile, the most satisfying days for real estate agent Michael Hughes of Sothebys International Realty in Boulder, Colorado are the ones when he goes to a listing appointment and the homeowner says no he doesn’t want to sell. “I love ‘No’s. Don’t get me wrong I love Yes’s as well but it has to be a good fit for me as well as the divorcing couple.” Says Hughes. First it has to be a good fit for them, a good fit for me and the house has to be a Sotheby’s quality home.

I specialize in Boulder real estate sales related to divorce, a niche I cultivated after my own marriage ended several years ago and I became painfully conscious of the uncertainty and apprehension that can surround this major marital asset.

Going through a divorce is confusing and anxiety inducing. I wasn’t sure of what to do with my house after the divorce and all my friends were giving advice. I love my friends however I am glad I didn’t listen to them as it was some of the worst advice.

I decided that the financial strife that goes hand in hand with divorce must be universal. Any real estate agent who focuses on divorce-related sales not only is going to have to be able to endure a certain amount of pressure and potential friction, but also has to tread a fine line between empathy and business like detachment.

When I started listing and selling houses of couples divorcing, the tendency would be to want to listen (to sellers discussing their marital breakups), after awhile I set my boundaries and realized they needed to talk to therapists not me about their marital strife. I am a Realtor I can help them move on by helping them get their home sold quickly and efficiently. I keep a list of therapists, lenders, insurance agents, mediators and financial planners handy at all times.

I work as a transaction broker.  I represent both divorcees in the sale of their Boulder real estate. Often this requires a double set of every communication and separate and often equal approvals for each decision.

When it is a court ordered sale then it must be done and it is a matter of showing both parties that I can represent them both rationally and safely and that they are both safe. I will not bias to one side or the other as a Transaction Broker ever.

If you are divorcing please give me a call. I can help.

If you have questions regarding this article or have any questions about Boulder or would like information about Boulder Real Estate check out my website. You may also call or TEXT me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO.


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