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Schizophrenic Spring

Posted by Michael Hughes    March 24, 2010

My first night in Boulder was in 1976. The wind howled at 145 mph and something called a Chinook wind was sweeping into town and melting all the snow.  There was a slight breeze coming through the house, even though all the windows were tightly secured.  It sounded like a freight train from my vantage point in my bedroom,  it was Spring! Trash cans passed me on the freeway doing way over the speed limit. I had thought I would come and buy a home in Boulder. I have never regretted that decision while also wondering what the hell had I gotten myself into.

I am so over winter. Boulder is an entirely different creature. Though Spring has arrived according to the calendar it has not arrived weather wise.  Or has it? I’ve gone to bed with pleasant spring-like weather, only to wake up to the bleakest conditions this side of  London. It’s as if Mother Nature is getting her kicks at my expense: “Michael’s only wearing a nice shirt and a sport coat today, let’s snow a foot and drop the temperature by 45 degrees and see how he likes that? Let’s see how he handles 70 degrees one day and 18 inches of snow the next with wind chill of -6,then back to 70. March can be a crazy month. Up and down and sideways and back down and then up again.

Ah but I am ready now with my extra overcoat in the car, an umbrella for rain, a scarf for cold bone chilling winds and my gloves.  And now it’s 70 again, no worries.  I love the Schizophrenic Rocky Mountain weather. As they say in Boulder “if you don’t like the weather were having, just wait 5 minutes, it’ll change.”

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I dig dirt

Posted by Michael Hughes  February 25, 2010

February this year has been unrelenting in Boulder with snow and cold. If you have bought a home or are going to buy a home in Boulder, now is the time to do “prep” work. You don’t want your chores to snowball (no pun intended) when March and April roll around.

  • Watch for sales for wood for trellis building to sustain your tomatoes, green beans, squash and gourds. Also watch wood sales for the new raised bed frames you’ll be building.
  • Make sure all your tools are clean, sharpened and ready to go.
  • Have you made your plan of what you want to grow this year?
  • Will you need to bring in compost or additional soil?
  • Map out your garden on graph paper.
  • Order your seeds if you have not already done so.
  • Set up flats for starting seeds. Lighting and a heat mat can assist growing a variety of annuals, perennials, and vegetables for the garden.
  • If you have a garage or workshop, repair and repaint garden furniture that you’ll be using outside in your new Boulder home.
  • Once you plan your plantings, pots, and beds, you can design a drip irrigation system that can save you time and money.
  • Inspect, pick off and destroy insect eggs before they hatch.
  • Prune dormant grape vines. Trim oldest wood and leave only primary stems. Each stem should have four to six canes from last years’ growth.
  • Pickup the latest free edition of the Colorado Gardener.
  • Smile, it’s almost Spring.

If you have questions regarding this article or are looking into Buying A Home In Boulder please call me 303-359-6627 or e-mail Michael Hughes at Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, CO

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